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1 Chronicles


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Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac foreshadows Christ on the Cross. Jacob deceives and reaps what he sows.

Published in January

David appoints Solomon to the throne, helps Solomon prepare for his role as king, and advises Solomon on keeping God's commandments. Solomon asks God for wisdom.

Published in June

David prepared for the temple, serves as God's warrior, sins against God, and pays the consequences.

Published in May

God cuts off communication with Saul. David mourns the death of Jonathan and Saul. David defeats the Philistines.

Published in May

O: Solomon build the Temple. Israel wanders away from God.
WN: Luke gives many details of Jesus’ humanity.

Published in July

O: David prepares the Levites for worship in the Temple. Israel accepts Solomon as their new king.
WN: Jesus is crucified and raised from the dead. Luke presents Jesus as the Son of man.

Published in July

O: Chronicles retells the events of Kings while focusing on the Temple.
WN: Jesus performs many miracles.

Published in July