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1 Corinthians

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Moses sings to praise God. Manna pictures the Word of God. Moses learns he needs others to help him.

Published in February

Moses gives excuses for not serving as God asks. God uses miracles and plagues to show who He is to both Egyptians and Israelites.

Published in February

Jacob sees the ladder to Heaven. Joseph pictures Christ’s suffering, rejection, and elevation to the throne.

Published in February

Peter and John preach boldly. Peter is honored to suffer for Jesus. Deacons serve to free up elders to focus on the Word.

Published in November

Jesus fulfills prophecies about suffering, dies, is buried, rises from the grave, and appears to many to to prove His resurrection.

Published in November

Jesus establishes communion, undergoes three trials, carries the cross, and is crucified.

Published in November

Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead and teaches on stewardship and forgiveness.

Published in October

Daniel eats vegetables, gets dream interpretations from God, and faces lions in their den. Daniel’s friends face the fiery furnace.

Published in August

Israel goes through repeating cycles of sin (sin, feel God’s judgment, cry out to God, accept God’s deliverance). God uses a series of unlikely soldiers and weapons to deliver Israel.

Published in April

God judges those who rebel against Moses and Aaron. God establishes tithing. Moses fails to follow God’s instructions about the rock. The bronze serpent pictures Christ.

Published in March
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