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1 John


Abel, Enoch, and Noah demonstrate faith. God brings judgment against sin.

Published in January

John pleas that believers walk in truth and love. John receives a revelation from Christ about what will take place in the end times.

Published in February

O: Nahum warns of judgment against Nineveh. Habakkuk questions God. Zephaniah warns of God’s wrath. Haggai urges the Jews to finish rebuilding the Temple.
WN: John has a vision of Christ. Christ evaluates the churches. John has visions of the end times.

Published in December

O: Amos tells of coming judgment. Obadiah warns Esau of consequences for persecuting Israel. Jonah resists God call to preach to Nineveh. Micah tells of future judgment and blessing.
WN: John writes so that we may believe on the name of Jesus Christ and have eternal life. Jude warns of false teachers.

Published in December

John urges believers to be wary of those who deny Christ as Savior, fail to love those in need, or show no concern about sin.

Published in January

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