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1 Peter

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Moses sings to praise God. Manna pictures the Word of God. Moses learns he needs others to help him.

Published in February

God brings Gentiles into His household. Saul (Paul) persecutes the church and meets Jesus. The church at Antioch sends Paul out on his first missionary journey.

Published in November

Peter and John preach boldly. Peter is honored to suffer for Jesus. Deacons serve to free up elders to focus on the Word.

Published in November

Jesus fulfills prophecies about suffering, dies, is buried, rises from the grave, and appears to many to to prove His resurrection.

Published in November

Jesus is born. John the Baptist prepares the way for the Lord.  The heavens open and God acknowledges Jesus as His Son when Jesus is baptized. Jesus faces temptation in the wilderness before beginning His public ministry.

Published in September

Daniel eats vegetables, gets dream interpretations from God, and faces lions in their den. Daniel’s friends face the fiery furnace.

Published in August

Job shows patience during suffering. Abraham demonstrates faith and receives promises from God.

Published in January

Solomon builds and dedicates the temple. Solomon begins as a wise king but allows things of the world to ruin his relationship with God.

Published in June

Peter warns of the danger of false teachers and emphasizes the need for moral courage and trust the Scriptures. Paul explains how all are guilty of sin before God.

Published in May
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