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2 Peter

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Published in December

Jesus is transfigured, answers the disciples’ questions, sends out more disciples, and ministers in Jerusalem.

Published in October

Melchizedek pictures Christ as High Priest. Physical circumcision pictures spiritual circumcision.

Published in January

God judges those who rebel against Moses and Aaron. God establishes tithing. Moses fails to follow God’s instructions about the rock. The bronze serpent pictures Christ.

Published in March

Peter warns of the danger of false teachers and emphasizes the need for moral courage and trust the Scriptures. Paul explains how all are guilty of sin before God.

Published in May

O: Amos tells of coming judgment. Obadiah warns Esau of consequences for persecuting Israel. Jonah resists God call to preach to Nineveh. Micah tells of future judgment and blessing.
WN: John writes so that we may believe on the name of Jesus Christ and have eternal life. Jude warns of false teachers.

Published in December