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Moses gives excuses for not serving as God asks. God uses miracles and plagues to show who He is to both Egyptians and Israelites.

Published in February

Joseph forgives his brothers. His brothers are afraid. God uses trials for good.

Published in February

Jacob sees the ladder to Heaven. Joseph pictures Christ’s suffering, rejection, and elevation to the throne.

Published in February

Daniel worships God and prays persistently for mercy. God sends the 70-week prophecy to Daniel. Ezekiel becomes a watchman.

Published in August

Job shows patience during suffering. Abraham demonstrates faith and receives promises from God.

Published in January

Abel, Enoch, and Noah demonstrate faith. God brings judgment against sin.

Published in January

God judges Israel. The Philistines capture the Ark then send it back to Israel. Israel insists on having a king like the other nations around them.

Published in May

Moses receives the Ten Commandments. Moses’ face shines with God’s glory after being in His presence. The Old Testament sin offering foreshadows Christ’s sacrifice.

Published in March

Paul witnesses to King Agrippa who sends him to Rome. The ship wrecks on the way to Rome.

Published in September

The silver idol makers are angry with Paul for ruining their business. Paul tells a crowd how he came to accept Christ as Savior. 

Published in September
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