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Joseph forgives his brothers. His brothers are afraid. God uses trials for good.

Published in February

God brings Gentiles into His household. Saul (Paul) persecutes the church and meets Jesus. The church at Antioch sends Paul out on his first missionary journey.

Published in November

Peter and John preach boldly. Peter is honored to suffer for Jesus. Deacons serve to free up elders to focus on the Word.

Published in November

Zerubbabel and Ezra restore the altar and build the foundation of the temple. Enemies try to stop the work on the temple. God moves King Darius to support the work on the temple. Ezra restores the spiritual life of Israel.

Published in August

Solomon builds and dedicates the temple. Solomon begins as a wise king but allows things of the world to ruin his relationship with God.

Published in June

God creates the universe and presents His eternal plan. Sin enters the world.

Published in January

Paul challenges us to let the mind of Christ be in us. He explains the importance of mutual submission and shares his perspective on suffering. 

Published in October

Paul explains the purpose of spiritual gifts and makes it clear that salvation is by grace through faith.

Published in September

O: Ezekiel presents several allegories to describe the sins of Jerusalem and the coming judgment.
WN: Paul urges the Philippians to maintain unity of mind, heart, and purpose and cautions the Colossians about false teachers.

Published in November