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Job shows patience during suffering. Abraham demonstrates faith and receives promises from God.

Published in January

Hezekiah leads the people back to God. Manasseh returns the people to idolatry. Josiah responds deeply to God’s Word and makes sure the people hear it.

Published in July

God cuts off communication with Saul. David mourns the death of Jonathan and Saul. David defeats the Philistines.

Published in May

Paul witnesses to King Agrippa who sends him to Rome. The ship wrecks on the way to Rome.

Published in September

Paul confirms that God’s grace is sufficient. God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness. 

Published in July

Paul instructs Timothy on the challenges and key responsibilities of God’s servants.

Published in March

O: Ezekiel has a vision of the perfect Jewish Temple which inspires the Jews and convicts them of their sins.
WN: Paul encourages Timothy to endure suffering and remain faithful, Titus to maintain good works, and Philemon to forgive.

Published in November

O: Ezekiel lists offenses of several Gentile nations and the judgment they would receive.
WN: Paul encourages the Thessalonians to look toward Christ’s return as they endure trials. Paul counsels Timothy on what to teach, how to select leaders, and how to behave in the church.

Published in November

O: Ezekiel presents several allegories to describe the sins of Jerusalem and the coming judgment.
WN: Paul urges the Philippians to maintain unity of mind, heart, and purpose and cautions the Colossians about false teachers.

Published in November

O: Ezekiel has a vision of “cherubim,” mighty spiritual beings.
WN: Paul warns of the dangers of putting rules and rituals in place of faith and a relationship with Christ.

Published in October