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Jacob sees the ladder to Heaven. Joseph pictures Christ’s suffering, rejection, and elevation to the throne.

Published in February

Jesus describes Himself as the Good Shepherd, gives a lesson on prayer, puts money in perspective, and illustrates the importance of seeking the lost.

Published in October

Jesus fulfills prophecy. Jesus emphasizes the importance of faith.

Published in September

God uses Elisha to work miracles. Elisha pictures Jesus feeding the 5,000 and healing the lepers.

Published in July

God judges Israel. The Philistines capture the Ark then send it back to Israel. Israel insists on having a king like the other nations around them.

Published in May

Jesus begins to speak of the Church instead of the Kingdom. 

Jesus speaks about forgiveness.

Published in December

O: Hosea lists Israel’s sins and affirms God’s love. Joel warns about a plague of locusts and calls on people to return to God.
WN: James speaks of the importance of good works and godly behavior. Peter tells of the benefits of suffering and the importance of faith and trust in the Word.

Published in December