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Melchizedek pictures Christ as High Priest. Physical circumcision pictures spiritual circumcision.

Published in January

Israel goes through repeating cycles of sin (sin, feel God’s judgment, cry out to God, accept God’s deliverance). God uses a series of unlikely soldiers and weapons to deliver Israel.

Published in April

Israel learns how dangerous it is to make a decision before asking God for direction. God makes the sun stand still.

Published in April

Jesus permits the public to recognize Him as the Messiah. 

Jesus speaks to the crowds. The Pharisees seek a way to try to discredit Jesus.

Published in December

Jesus begins His public ministry. Jesus preaches the Sermon on the Mount.

Published in November

Paul explains that righteousness comes by faith in Christ rather than by observing laws. Paul describes the fruit of the Spirit.

Published in September

Jesus is crucified, dies, is buried, and rises from the dead. The resurrected Christ spends time with several of His disciples. Jesus gives His last instructions then ascends to Heaven. God sends the Holy Spirit.

Published in August

Jesus develops His disciples. Jesus illustrates the concept of loving your neighbor with the parable of the Good Samaritan. 

Published in July

Paul gives evidence that his ministry was of God. Paul shows optimism through suffering as he focuses on Christ’s promises. He says believers are ambassadors for Christ.

Published in June

Paul shares that nothing can separate a believer from the love of God. Paul details the salvation process.

Published in May
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