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Melchizedek pictures Christ as High Priest. Physical circumcision pictures spiritual circumcision.

Published in January

Jeremiah faithfully brings God’s message to the people of Israel and Judah. Israel’s lack of faith breaks Jeremiah’s heart.

Published in July

Hezekiah leads the people back to God. Manasseh returns the people to idolatry. Josiah responds deeply to God’s Word and makes sure the people hear it.

Published in July

Elijah is depressed. Ahab is spineless. Jezebel is heartless. Jehoshaphat seeks to please God. God is sovereign.

Published in June

O: God is angry and Jeremiah is in despair over the fall of Jerusalem.
WN: Paul clarifies the implications of resurrection. Paul explains the reality and purpose of trials.

Published in October

O: God commands Judah to submit to Babylon. Some flee to Egypt for help rather than place their trust in God.
WN: Paul writes to the Corinthians to address their sinful lifestyles and misuse of the gifts God gave them.

Published in October

O: Jeremiah continues his tearful prayers for God to have mercy on His people.
WN: Paul explains how the gospel impacts our conduct, attitude, or relationships.

Published in October

O: People mock, threaten, and abuse Jeremiah as he continues to pray for them and plead with them.
WN: Paul writes to the church at Rome explaining how the gospel saves the sinner.

Published in October

O: Jeremiah mourns over the sins of Judah against God and pleads with them to return to God.
WN: Paul writes to the churches from prison.

Published in September