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Melchizedek pictures Christ as High Priest. Physical circumcision pictures spiritual circumcision.

Published in January

O: God is angry and Jeremiah is in despair over the fall of Jerusalem.
WN: Paul clarifies the implications of resurrection. Paul explains the reality and purpose of trials.

Published in October

O: God commands Judah to submit to Babylon. Some flee to Egypt for help rather than place their trust in God.
WN: Paul writes to the Corinthians to address their sinful lifestyles and misuse of the gifts God gave them.

Published in October

O: Jeremiah continues his tearful prayers for God to have mercy on His people.
WN: Paul explains how the gospel impacts our conduct, attitude, or relationships.

Published in October

O: People mock, threaten, and abuse Jeremiah as he continues to pray for them and plead with them.
WN: Paul writes to the church at Rome explaining how the gospel saves the sinner.

Published in October

O: Jeremiah mourns over the sins of Judah against God and pleads with them to return to God.
WN: Paul writes to the churches from prison.

Published in September