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Joseph forgives his brothers. His brothers are afraid. God uses trials for good.

Published in February

Melchizedek pictures Christ as High Priest. Physical circumcision pictures spiritual circumcision.

Published in January

God uses Elisha to work miracles. Elisha pictures Jesus feeding the 5,000 and healing the lepers.

Published in July

The kings of Israel listen to bad advice, worship idols, ignore God's warnings, and fail to seek God's help.

Published in June

God commands Joshua to be strong and courageous. Joshua demonstrates his faith crossing the Jordan and at the battle of Jericho.

Published in April

God judges those who rebel against Moses and Aaron. God establishes tithing. Moses fails to follow God’s instructions about the rock. The bronze serpent pictures Christ.

Published in March

O: Israel returns from exile to rebuild the Temple. Ezra rebuilds the Law.
WN: Jesus teaches about thankfulness and points out the errors in the thinking of the Pharisees.

Published in August

Jesus is crucified, dies, is buried, and rises from the dead. The resurrected Christ spends time with several of His disciples. Jesus gives His last instructions then ascends to Heaven. God sends the Holy Spirit.

Published in August

Jesus prepares His disciples for His coming death. Jesus teaches in the temple. When the religious leaders fail in their attempts to trap Him with their questions, they plot to kill Him. Jesus shares a last Passover meal with His apostles. 

Published in August

Jesus and the Pharisees express their opposing views of God. The Pharisees focus on the letter of the Law. Jesus focuses on faithfulness to a gracious, forgiving Father.

Published in July
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