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Jesus describes Himself as the Good Shepherd, gives a lesson on prayer, puts money in perspective, and illustrates the importance of seeking the lost.

Published in October

Jesus teaches in parables, performs more miracles, confronts the Pharisees, and shows compassion on the multitude.?

Published in October

Ruth pictures Gentiles today who accept Jesus as their Jewish Redeemer and get “spiritually engaged.” Samuel hears God at a time when others were far from God.

Published in April

Paul speaks of the mysteries of God and shares the secret of having a deeper life in Christ. He explains what it means to put on the new man.

Published in October

Paul challenges us to let the mind of Christ be in us. He explains the importance of mutual submission and shares his perspective on suffering. 

Published in October

O: Ezekiel presents several allegories to describe the sins of Jerusalem and the coming judgment.
WN: Paul urges the Philippians to maintain unity of mind, heart, and purpose and cautions the Colossians about false teachers.

Published in November