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Jacob sees the ladder to Heaven. Joseph pictures Christ’s suffering, rejection, and elevation to the throne.

Published in February

Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac foreshadows Christ on the Cross. Jacob deceives and reaps what he sows.

Published in January

Ruth pictures Gentiles today who accept Jesus as their Jewish Redeemer and get “spiritually engaged.” Samuel hears God at a time when others were far from God.

Published in April

Israel goes through repeating cycles of sin (sin, feel God’s judgment, cry out to God, accept God’s deliverance). God uses a series of unlikely soldiers and weapons to deliver Israel.

Published in April

In James, we learn that our actions demonstrate our faith. Our actions don’t save us, they show that our faith is real.

Published in November

Paul warns us to not let false teachers influence us. While we wait for Christ, we are to maintain our faith with patience and loyalty to Him.

Published in October

Jesus and the Pharisees express their opposing views of God. The Pharisees focus on the letter of the Law. Jesus focuses on faithfulness to a gracious, forgiving Father.

Published in July

Titus receives a list of qualifications for church leaders and a warning about false teachers.

Published in March

O: King Saul tries to kill David who learns to rest in his faith of God.
WN: Solomon tells of what he learns by experiencing a variety of life approaches.

Published in May

O: God replaces the disobedient King Saul with King David.
WN: Proverbs emphasize the importance of passing on God’s wisdom to others.

Published in May
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