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Moses sings to praise God. Manna pictures the Word of God. Moses learns he needs others to help him.

Published in February

Daniel worships God and prays persistently for mercy. God sends the 70-week prophecy to Daniel. Ezekiel becomes a watchman.

Published in August

Jonah runs from God, prays, preaches, and pouts. Isaiah and John see the throne room. Jesus talks to a Samaritan woman.

Published in July

God commands Joshua to be strong and courageous. Joshua demonstrates his faith crossing the Jordan and at the battle of Jericho.

Published in April

Israel wanders away from God. Moses reminds Israel to obey God. We learn the first commandment of all and the key tip for raising children.

Published in March

Paul gives practical advice to Timothy which apply to Christian leaders today. Key topics are conduct in the church and conduct of a pastor.

Published in March

John sees the last battle in which Christ overcomes Satan. The Lord reigns over the New Heaven and the New Earth.

Published in March

John sees 7 angels open vials of wrath which parallel those of the trumpets. John sees Mystery Babylon drunken with the blood of martyrs.

Published in February

John sees 7 angels with trumpets who in turn release a series of horrific and highly destructive plagues.

Published in February

Christ points out the strengths and weaknesses of the seven churches. John sees Christ on His throne with all creation worshipping Him. John sees a book with 7 seals that only Christ can open.

Published in February
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