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Joseph forgives his brothers. His brothers are afraid. God uses trials for good.

Published in February

Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac foreshadows Christ on the Cross. Jacob deceives and reaps what he sows.

Published in January

Jesus enters Jerusalem; contrasts religion with justice, mercy, and faith; and celebrates Passover.

Published in October

Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead and teaches on stewardship and forgiveness.

Published in October

Melchizedek pictures Christ as High Priest. Physical circumcision pictures spiritual circumcision.

Published in January

Daniel eats vegetables, gets dream interpretations from God, and faces lions in their den. Daniel’s friends face the fiery furnace.

Published in August

Elijah is depressed. Ahab is spineless. Jezebel is heartless. Jehoshaphat seeks to please God. God is sovereign.

Published in June

Saul continues to chase David. David spares him twice. David
pours out his heart to God in several Psalms.

Published in May

Moses receives the Ten Commandments. Moses’ face shines with God’s glory after being in His presence. The Old Testament sin offering foreshadows Christ’s sacrifice.

Published in March

God creates the universe and presents His eternal plan. Sin enters the world.

Published in January
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