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Since its first publication, the Bible has been translated into hundreds of languages and many multiple versions. Several thousand books are published each year that are largely based on the teachings of the Bible, and thanks to the internet and advanced technology we now have easy and quick access to it through our computers, eReaders and smart phones. Yet many people believe it has nothing applicable to say about their lives today.

From the moment Grace Church opened its doors, they have strived to help people grow in their faith and walk with Jesus Christ, as they come to understand the life-transforming power found in the pages of the Bible. In 2011, OWNit365.com was born out of that desire to assist people and their families as they delve deeper in their relationship with God, and make connections between the words written so long ago and their present day to day.

OWNit365.com goes beyond the typical Bible reading plan. Our hope is that you are able to use the family reading sections and discussion notes to spark conversations with those you love.

Help With Struggles

Find out how God promises to help you through all of life's struggles, troubles and crises.

Pick A Plan

This is your opportunity to maximize your Bible reading experience through our various reading plans, commentary , videos, and much more!


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